Beginning the Amazon Reviewer’s Journey

So, recently, I got into doing reviews for Amazon. Oh, sounds like fun you say? Well, understand that what sounds like fun can end up being a lot of work and a big headache. At first, it was nothing but fun. Then I would look at the stack of boxes in my living room, and say, “what have I done?”

Alas, not all products for review are free, but some are. Some are a fraction of the price and some are more. It really depends on a budget as to how much a person will spend to review products. Really good reviewers end up getting contacted by sellers, some unscrupulous, who want people to review their products. The thing is, they cannot pay a reviewer in any way, nor may they ask for a specific rating.

As I’ve maneuvered this whole experience, I’ve learned a lot and am still learning a lot. Warning: there are some crazy people involved in reviewing for Amazon. They take things seriously. If you join a Facebook group, be prepared for lots of rules and occasionally some drama.

But my first tip for the beginner is this: Have a Prime membership. A free or discounted product with no shipping is a great deal.  My second tip: Do not order too many items at once.  My son emailed me one day and asked, “Mom, don’t tell me you ordered 10 items from Amazon last night.” So, I replied back, “Ok, I won’t tell you I ordered 10 items from Amazon last night.”



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