sellers and reviewers

there is a fine line between sellers and reviewers. Amazon has some strict rules and reviewers can find their whole account wiped if they break them. Really, Amazon can wipe an account without giving a reason. When I first started reviewing, I didn’t know this. I didn’t know a lot about reviewing. But I am learning. I always give an honest review. I test each and every product to the best of my ability. I would rather be late than turn in a review that is incomplete or based on little testing.

I find it interesting when I see a review on Amazon from a person who has gotten a product at a discount or for free and they have written a couple of lines at the most. or have turned in a review the day the received the product. This isn’t smart or the sign of a good reviewer.

yes, I am sitting here surrounded by products to review. I also know that I have several arriving tomorrow. sigh. let the testing begin.


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