fun item for adults or kids

I had no idea what I was getting when I ordered the PLUR Water Beads Colorful Rainbow Mix 8 oz. Thousands of Beads Vase Filler Sensory Fun! ( )

First of all, a warning: these can be a choking hazard, so watch children when you have these out.

These proved to be more fun than I ever thought they would be. You simply add water and these tiny hard balls turn into “soft, bouncy, squishy, and jelly-like colorful” balls which are much bigger than their original size. The description says that 1 teaspoon of beads grows to 1 quart so that should give you some idea of the size.

These are nontoxic and eco friendly which is important to me. Also, each package contains over 1600 beads. There are no instructions, so I had to just put some in a container and wait. After leaving them in water overnight, I woke up to the large squishy balls. They feel so weird.

I received these at a discount to test; this is my personal opinion. I was not required to give a review.



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