Breathe free; sleep tight

I am a snorer. I have woken myself at times due to my snores. So given the chance to test The Sleeplify – Premium set of 6 nose vents with 2 designs and 4 sizes to ensure a secure fit in any nasal passage. The best solution for snoring, nasal congestion, sleep apnea, and deviated septum, I took it.

The first thing I did was wash the nose vents. Then, I spent time trying them out to see which pair fit me. I thought that these would irritate me as I slept, but they didn’t. I honestly forgot they were even there. After use, I wash them in lukewarm water and then use an anti-bacterial solution.

These have a little storage case and are really easy to use. Also, they work. I actually think that I’m getting more rest when I sleep. I am so glad that I found this product which is reasonably priced. I definitely recommend these if you are not getting rest and sometimes find yourself waking up due to your own snoring.

I did receive these at a discount to test with no review required. The opinions are my own.


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