Breathe free; sleep tight

I am a snorer. I have woken myself at times due to my snores. So given the chance to test The Sleeplify – Premium set of 6 nose vents with 2 designs and 4 sizes to ensure a secure fit in any nasal passage. The best solution for snoring, nasal congestion, sleep apnea, and deviated septum, I took it.

The first thing I did was wash the nose vents. Then, I spent time trying them out to see which pair fit me. I thought that these would irritate me as I slept, but they didn’t. I honestly forgot they were even there. After use, I wash them in lukewarm water and then use an anti-bacterial solution.

These have a little storage case and are really easy to use. Also, they work. I actually think that I’m getting more rest when I sleep. I am so glad that I found this product which is reasonably priced. I definitely recommend these if you are not getting rest and sometimes find yourself waking up due to your own snoring.

I did receive these at a discount to test with no review required. The opinions are my own.


eases the pain of plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. I have tried so many things to help with the pain. The Bitly Plantar Fasciitis, Arch, Heel & Ankle Support Kit, Foot Massager Plantar Fasciitis Sock has worked to help with that pain.

First, the cushioned arch support is great. It is easy to put on and can be worn with or without shoes. I also wear it at night to help ease the first step of the morning be less painful.

Second, the ankle sock with support is a great little sock. I wear it over the cushioned arch support with or without shoes. It really does help ease the pain of plantar fasciitis.

Then, the foot massager. It is great. I put it in the freezer so it works even better. Then, as I sit watching TV or grading papers, I place my foot on it and massage it.

I love that I got 2 of the arch supports as well as two of the ankle socks. And they fit me great. I’m not sure how they would fit a larger foot.

As a teacher, I am on my feet a lot which makes it hard on my feet, and the plantar fasciitis is worse. I also have to walk my dogs each day, and I find myself limping along. This product and these items are great. I would definitely recommend this.

I received these for a discount with no obligation to do a review. This is my personal review from testing the item.


sharp looking and sounding

The Leadtry SS-1 Headset In-Ear Sport Stereo Earbud Headphones Dynamic Crystal Clear Sound Ergonomic Comfort-fit Noise Insulating Built-in Mic Earphone for iPhone iPad Samsung Galaxy Smart Devices Black ( ) are really sharp looking and provide great sound.

I have used this with different PC’s and iPad to drown out all the other noises when I’m home or at work. The include 3 sizes of silicone ear tips. For some reason, I need the small size. These were a little difficult to switch out for me, but once I figured it out, no problem.

The sound is really good; the style is sharp. I definitely recommend these for a nice set of headphones.

I received these free in order to test. No review was required in exchange for the product. I would definitely recommend them



fun item for adults or kids

I had no idea what I was getting when I ordered the PLUR Water Beads Colorful Rainbow Mix 8 oz. Thousands of Beads Vase Filler Sensory Fun! ( )

First of all, a warning: these can be a choking hazard, so watch children when you have these out.

These proved to be more fun than I ever thought they would be. You simply add water and these tiny hard balls turn into “soft, bouncy, squishy, and jelly-like colorful” balls which are much bigger than their original size. The description says that 1 teaspoon of beads grows to 1 quart so that should give you some idea of the size.

These are nontoxic and eco friendly which is important to me. Also, each package contains over 1600 beads. There are no instructions, so I had to just put some in a container and wait. After leaving them in water overnight, I woke up to the large squishy balls. They feel so weird.

I received these at a discount to test; this is my personal opinion. I was not required to give a review.


nice little mixer

I hate using a blender. Ok, it’s not using a blender I hate, it’s cleaning it. So given the opportunity to test the Mixer Plus Drink Mixer – 16,000 rpm USB Rechargeable Protein Shaker Vortex Mixer Blender Bottle with Integrated Supplement Storage Container ( ) , I took it.

It has a high torque motor and is great for mixing shakes and smoothies. And since it has a motor, my arm doesn’t get tired from shaking. I love that it’s 100% leak proof, and trust me, I tried it. It is BPA DHEA free. And, it’s rechargeable using a USB cable. So, you can take it anywhere. It is not dishwasher safe, but easily cleaned with a hand wash. This makes it better than a blender. I definitely recommend this product.

This is a great product whether you are on the go or mixing a smoothie at home. I received at a discount in order to test it with no review required. The opinions are my own.

Blocks for Christmas

With a four year old grandson to buy gifts for, I jumped at the chance to try the Building Blocks ShowTop Souptoys Toys Brick (68PCS) ( )


This package contains 68 pieces and is suggested for children over 3 which I agree with. Definitely watch any child that is prone to putting objects in their mouth.

These blocks are easy to use and the storage bag is great. What a fun set of blocks which are comparable to Lego Duplo blocks. I am so glad I got these blocks for my grandson.

I received these at a discount to test; no review was required in exchange; this is my honest review.

Saygoer Sling Bag Pack Canvas Cross Body Backpack with Adjustable Strap

This backpack is a nice size for someone who wants the ease of a purse but doesn’t want to carry a purse. There are several pockets in different sizes with zippers. It is well made and the quality of the zippers and adjustable strap appear to be good. This backpack will hold several items including a phone, wallet, and small notebook. It is not large enough for books or notebooks though so don’t make the mistake of thinking this would work as a school backpack. I plan on giving this to my teenage niece because it looks like something she would use. I received this product at a discount in order to test it; this review is all mine. if I were rating this 1-5 stars, I would rate it a 4.


the noise never stops; the air is filled with a layer of smoke that looks like a thick fog. there are so many people setting them off; I can understand how horrible this must be for vets with PTSD.

Luckily, my animals are fine, but I know many people dealing with stressed out pets. I have seen so many post on facebook about missing and found dogs. is all this necessary? maybe we should outlaw fireworks except at the big shows?

Mad Max the remake

I know I’m a little late to the party, but I had the chance to watch this movie. I loved the original. I had doubted that this would be worth watching, and then it won several academy awards. so it must be good right?  right?

I can’t believe I wasted two hours of my life. yes, I watched the whole thing. I was so disappointed in the whole thing. I cannot understand who it won any awards really.